First Aid Training in Devon

Devon First Aid offers a high level of training that can help you and your staff deal with any first aid emergencies. We offer FAIB approved first aid training courses that can be tailored to suit your workplace requirements. We provide a flexible, friendly training service delivered to a high standard and with minimum disruption to your business.

High Quality First Aid Training

We aim to provide you with up to date information, which is relevant to you and your staff. Our courses can be tailored to meet your requirements, therefore making them more industry-specific.


FAIB Regulated Courses

First Aid at Work. (Level 3) (18hr)

First Aid at work Requalification (Level 3) (12hr)

Emergency First Aid at Work. (Level 3) (6hr)

Emergency First Aid at Work – Industry Specific. (Level 3) (8hr)

Paediatric First Aid. (Level 3) (12hr)

Emergency Paediatric First Aid. (Level 3) (6hr)

Combined Emergency & Paediatric First Aid at Work (Level 3) (12hr)

Combined Paediatric & First Aid at work (Level 3) (22hr)

First Aid Annual Refresher (Level 3) (3hr)

Basic Life Support (3hr)

Emergency Resuscitation Training for Dental Practices (4hr)

Parents & Child Carers First Aid (2hr)

Defibrillator & Resuscitation Training (2hr)